Apple Stock Could Explode Higher on this Event

Talk about great timing.

On Oct. 8, we noted, “Pay close attention to Apple (AAPL).  We could easily see sizable momentum in the stock ahead of its October 13 iPhone 12 launch.”

At the time, even Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives said, as quoted by CNET said, “We believe iPhone 12 represents the most significant product cycle for Cook & Co. since IPhone 6 in 2014 and will be another defining chapter in the Apple growth story looking ahead despite a softer consumer spending environment.”

He added the launch is a “once in a decade” event for Apple.

The stock traded at $117 when we said that.  It’s now up to $121.36, and running on anticipation of what else could be presented at tomorrow’s big event.

With 5G capabilities, the new iPhone launch could create big opportunity here.   “Only 13% of smartphones sold in the first half of 2020 had 5G capabilities, and only 6% of customers would rank 5G as a primary factor in their next smartphone purchase, according to Ben Stanton, an analyst at research firm Canalys,” as reported by CNN.

Ahead of the event, there’s also speculation we could see other products, including augmented reality glasses, a HomePod smart speaker, and according to Stanton, an “AirTags” product that would include Bluetooth-enabled capabilities to find misplaced valuables, as noted by CNN.

One thing is for certain.  The “once in a decade” event is already creating a lot of excitement.

You’ll be able to watch the Apple event on Tuesday at 10am PDT here.