Democrats to Begin Impeachment Inquiries for the World to See

Democrats are bringing their impeachment inquiry to the public today.

After weeks of depositions, they’ll attempt to showcase the most damaging testimony on President Trump’s contacts with Ukraine, and try to paint him as unfit for office. 

After hearing expert testimony behind closed doors, the Democrats will make that information public in hopes of “captivating viewers and bringing voter sentiment behind the notion that Trump abused his power and should become just the third president in the country’s history to be impeached,” as highlighted by The Hill.

However, the Democrats are well aware of the tough road in front of them.

Republicans are not likely to support impeachment in the Senate — where two-thirds majority is needed to remove a sitting President.  Considering that GOP leaders have already dug in, and that not only House Republican voted in favor of impeachment, this “show” goes nowhere.

At the same time, Democrats are also bracing for a circus.

As pointed out by The Hill, Adam Schiff has said, “the temptation to turn this solemn process into a political circus” might be “irresistible.”

He added, “I hope that all Members will approach these proceedings with the seriousness of purpose and love of country that they demand.  The American people and the Constitution deserve nothing less.” Schiff has become the face of the impeachment inquiry and will be the first to question witnesses out of the gate. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next here. Stay tuned for more.