Morning Brief – March 11, 2022

Here we go again…

Two years into the pandemic, economies may be reopening, but the pandemic isn’t over.

As noted by CNBC: “WHO’s Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a familiar face to millions of us now, said on Thursday on the eve of the two-year anniversary of Covid being declared a pandemic that ‘although reported cases and deaths are declining globally, and several countries have lifted restrictions, the pandemic is far from over.’”

China, for example, just ordered the lockdown of nine million residents in the northeastern city of Changchun amid a new spike in cases. According to the Associated Press, “China reported another 397 cases of local transmission nationwide on Friday, 98 of them in Jilin province that surrounds Changchun, a center of the country’s auto industry. In the entire province, cases have exceeded 1,100 since the latest outbreak first struck late last week.”

Of course, that’s not the news we really want to hear at the moment.

However, we bring it up because of its potential impact on vaccine stocks, like Pfizer (PFE) – which is starting to pivot higher from oversold conditions.

In addition, CEO Albert Bourla says Pfizer will soon submit data to U.S. regulators on a fourth dose of its COVID vaccine. As noted by, “Bourla said he spent Tuesday morning reviewing new data from various COVID vaccine studies, including one looking at the effects of a fourth dose of the currently available vaccine, as well as a new formulation that will protect against multiple coronavirus variants, the author notes.”

 It’s another example of how a crisis can lead to opportunity.


  • The Dow is up 390 points to 33,434
  • The S&P 500 is up about 58 points to 4,305.75
  • The NASDAQ is up 230 points to 13,814
  • Gold prices slipped about $30 to $1,966.06
  • Bitcoin is up about 2.2% to $40,014.82
  • Oil prices are up about 72 cents to $106.70
  • The VIX is down 3.26 points to 29.19

Markets are attempting to push higher on hopes for a Russia-Ukraine cease-fire.

According to CNBC, “Russian President Vladimir Putin said that ‘certain positive shifts’ have occurred in the talks.”


Trading Tips

Pay close attention to the artificial intelligence boom.

With it, we could be looking at a potential $641.3 billion opportunity.

According to Verified Market Research, the Global Artificial Intelligence Market size was valued at $51.08 billion in 2020 and could hit $641.3 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 36.1% from 2021 to 2028. AI could revolutionize every industry from consumer products and transportation to healthcare and manufacturing, as corporate America races to embrace machine learning, deep learning and other processes that allow computers to perform tasks that generally require human intelligence.

One of the stocks booming with AI is an AI application software company… Read more here.

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