Elon Musk To Take On ChatGPT and Baird With TruthGPT, Calls for More Regulation

The fight for supremacy around generative artificial intelligence is heating up. While Google and Microsoft have dominated the spectacle with the launch of their AI-powered chatbots, billionaire investor Elon Musk has also set sights on the revolutionary technology. Concerned that companies are training their AI systems to be “politically correct,” Musk is starting a new AI initiative dubbed TruthGPT.

TruthGPT To Counter ChatGPT

TruthGPT will seek to rival ChatGPT, backed by Microsoft and the recently launched Google chatbot Baird. The launch is part of a policing drive as Musk aims to ensure the two chatbots don’t run a monopoly. The celebrity CEO fears that current AI systems will be misused and could be detrimental in the long run without any regulation.

Therefore, TruthGPT will seek to keep the likes of Baird and ChatGPT in check. The launch of the new AI initiative comes on the heels of Musk signing a letter calling for a pause on advanced AI research. The letter, also signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak raises serious questions over the development of systems that could compete against human intelligence.

Over the years, Musk has expressed concerns that unchecked technology could end up harming society rather than benefiting it. There have been instances where technology has superseded human intelligence, raising questions as to whether it will reach a point where humans would not be able to control it.

There is fear that technology could end up replacing humans in most jobs, including fulfilling ones, thus causing more harm than good. There is also growing fear that unchecked technology could trigger potential abuses and misinformation. Musk believes that current AI systems are being trained to be politically correct, which is just another way of saying untruthful things.

Musk has already started pushing for the regulation of AI technology to ensure the technology is not used badly or causes more trouble than good. He envisions a regulatory framework like the one that has kept the aerospace industry in check. A proper industry with well-defined rules on what AI systems can and cannot do, according to Musk, will be more beneficial to the human race.

Twitter Encryption

Meanwhile, Musk has also confirmed that intelligence services had significant access to Twitter prior to him completing the $44 billion acquisition. Additionally, in an interview with Fox News, Tucker Carlson confirmed being taken aback by the degree to which regulatory agencies could access people’s messages on the social networking platform given the lack of encryption.

In a bid to deter such practices in the future, Musk says they plan to unveil end-to-end encryption that will make it difficult for regulatory agencies to access people’s messages. As early as next month, the social networking platform will toggle the encryption mode. While Twitter has undergone significant structural changes following the takeover, Musk believes the platforms will still play a crucial role in the next US election.

The remarks come after Musk laid off nearly 80% of the company’s staff as part of a major restructuring. The layoffs came as Twitter sought to trim its expenditure amid a slowdown in the lucrative advertising business. Additionally, Musk says it’s become clear that it’s possible to run the company with far much fewer staff if one is not running a glorified activist organization.

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