The Next AI Chip Giant?

AMD Contemplates Chinese AI Chip to Take on Nvidia and Intel

China remains an important market that Advanced Micro Devices is willing to do everything to tap into its massive artificial intelligence market. Facing significant curbs on the way to operate in the market, the chip giant is contemplating developing a new chip line specifically dedicated and designed for the Chinese market.

US Chip Export Curbs

Such a chip would allow the company to comply with US export controls when Beijing and Washington are entangled in a fierce standoff over advanced technologies billed to be a matter of national security. Despite the protracted standoff between the two superpowers, China remains a lucrative market that US tech giants are willing to do anything to unlock value.

Faced with a similar challenge early in the year, Nvidia opted to tweak its advanced H100 chip specification amid US government restrictions to make them compliant with the export curbs. Intel also followed suit by modifying its Gaudi AI chips as one of the ways of pursuing opportunities in China without rattling the US government.

During the company’s earnings call, Chief Executive Officer Lisa Su made it clear they are willing to do everything possible to fully comply with US export controls while also pursuing opportunities in China. Part of the effort entails developing an artificial intelligence chip for the Chinese market that complies with US export controls.

Data Center Opportunity

Such a chip will not only circumvent the export curbs but will also strengthen AMDs competitive edge against Nvidia and Intel, which are also fixated on the Chinese opportunity. AMD is also in the process of accelerating the production of its M1300 chips, which should put it in a position to take Nvidia’s head on graphics processing units.

While Nvidia dominates the GPU market segment, there is a significant market opportunity that AMD can unlock. The M1300 AI chip is what AMD is banking on to take on Nvidia by targeting clients in the lucrative Data cater business.

Advanced Micro Devices is overly confident of strengthening its prospects in the data center business with the M1300 chip. Consequently, the company expects up to 50% growth in the second half of the year, thanks to the new powerful chip. The company is looking to accrue a significant market share in the data centers market, expected to be worth $150 billion by 2027.

Stellar Q2 Results

The company is fresh from delivering impressive second-quarter results, helped by the strong demand and sales of its artificial intelligence chips. The chip giant delivered 58 cents a share Q2 profit beating consensus estimates of 57 cents a share. Revenue came in at $5.36 billion, better than the $5.32 billion that analysts expected.

The better-than-expected Q2 results came on the company seeing lots of AI engagement increasing seven times as multiple customers initiated and expanded programs that require its AI chops. Likewise, the company expects its data center and client segment revenues to grow by a double-digit percentage, driven by strong demand for the Epyc and Ryzen processors. AMD stock is up by more than 80% for the year as it benefits from the AI rally boom.

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