Inside Elon Musk’s “Politically Incorrect” AI Chatbot

Elon Musk Unveils Grok To Rival ChatGPT and Bard on AI Powered Chatbots

Elon Musk has come through on his initial call for a third force to rival Google and Microsoft on artificial intelligence. Earlier in the year, he called for a third horse to rival the tech giants on concerns over the advances being made that require a lot of scrutiny and regulation. Grok is Musk’s new AI tool out of his AI company xAI. The chatbot is poised to take OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and Google’s Bard Musk has been accused of being politically biased.

Musk AI Company

Grok is the new AI-powered chatbot with a rebellious streak and the ability to answer any question. In a world where most chatbots are designed or programmed to be politically correct with their responses, Grok should be able to answer questions that other AI chatbots dodge.

xAI has emerged as Musk’s go-to Artificial Intelligence Company as he seeks to play a pivotal role amid the artificial intelligence revolution. The company, which came into being in July, is stacked up with experience, with most of its staff being former employees of OpenAI DeepMind, among others. The startup has set out to build artificial intelligence to advance the collective understanding of the universe.

Reports indicate that Musk runs xAI separately from other companies. However, the technology being developed will be used in other businesses. For starters, Tesla is increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance its self-driving features.

Leading up to its release, Musk outlined how Grok was able to provide a recipe for homemade cocaine, signaling its ability to provide answers to queries that other tools would often decline or dodge. “Just a moment while I pull up the recipe for homemade cocaine. You know, because I’m totally going to help you with that,” Grok responded while requesting the cocaine recipe.

Grok also proved its prowess in middle school math problems and Python coding tasks, having surpassed other models in its computing class. The fact that it beat ChatGPT 3.5 and Inflection underscores its edge in the segment.

Musk AI Chatbot

In a bid to strengthen Grok’s competitive edge and ability to provide answers to clarity, it will have access to a vast pool of data including X, the social networking app that Musk acquired for $44 billion. The prototype is still under development in the beta phase and available to a select number of users before its release to a broader population

Currently, xAI is accepting early users through a waitlist as it continues to fine-tune it to take on ChatGPT and Bard have remained the go-to chatbots for the better part of the year. Nevertheless, it is highly unlikely that Grok will be available to all users once development is complete. Musk says that it will be a feature of X premium+ and will cost $16 a month.

Even as Musk continues working on artificial intelligence innovations, he has warned of the dangers that the technology poses to the human race. He has already termed it the biggest existential threat, given that it is moving too fast, like summoning the demon. Similarly, he has called for more regulation of the burgeoning AI landscape.

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