Nvidia Taps AI for Drug Discovery

Nvidia Partners SandboxAQ to enhance Batteries and Drug Discovery Using AI

Nvidia has inked a strategic collaboration with   SandboxAQ to accelerate the development of new materials for medicines and batteries. As part of the strategic collaboration, SandboxAQ will help the chip giant enhance the capabilities of its CUDA software platform, which is at the heart of developing artificial intelligence applications.

Nvidia SandboxAQ Partnership

Nvidia is teaming up with the startup spun off Alphabet to accelerate the process of simulating quantum mechanics that is key to chemical, biological and material science. A combination of the startup’s AI simulation capabilities with the chip giant’s computing and quantum platforms is expected to accelerate the discovery of new materials and chemical compounds.

The chemical compounds and materials up for development are crucial to transforming various industries, especially the medical space. They are also expected to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, more so in the electric car space where the development of electric batteries that can support long range on a single charge is crucial.

The strategic collaboration comes against the backdrop of Nvidia updating its H100 artificial intelligence processor. The world’s most valuable chipmaker has added more capabilities to the chip as it seeks to affirm its dominance in the AI computing market. H200 is the new chip that will have the capability to use high bandwidth memory therefore able to cope with large data sets for developing and implementing AI

The updated chip will keep up with the growing size of data sets used to create AI models and services. It will also be much faster in bombarding software with data. While the current version is already famously in high demand, the updated version elicits strong interest from Amazon Web Services, Oracle and Google’s Cloud.

SandboxAQ is perfect for Nvidia as it boasts of a simulation technology that relies on quantum algorithms that have been too big and complex to run on computers. With the help of powerful chips like Nvidia’s A100 and H200, the startup should be able to address the underlying challenges and develop crucial materials.

In addition to focusing on developing materials for medicines and batteries, the collaboration could also lead to the creation of applications that will significantly help the services sector. The two also plan to redefine the energy industries with better innovation as part of their collaborations.

Quantum Computing Push

Nvidia’s collaboration with the $4 billion startup is crucial to the push for an error-free quantum computer. There is a need to have a technology that can process vast troves of data millions of times faster than most powerful supercomputers.

Companies like Alphabet’s Google are racing against time to build a practical quantum computer, hoping to leapfrog existing technologies. Faster information processing is also crucial in accelerating drug development. The US   is spearheading quantum computing development to stay ahead of China.

President Joe Biden’s administration has already imposed limits on US investments in Chinese quantum computing firms. The restriction is part of the US push to avert the possibility of China developing the next generation of surveillance technologies

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