Dr. Google: Using AI to Advance Medicine

Google to Accelerate Drug Development with AI Tools

Google is ready to address the lengthy and costly process of bringing new medicines to market. The tech giant has unveiled two new suites of artificial intelligence-powered tools that it says will help biotech and pharmaceutical companies accelerate the discovery of new drugs. Target and Lead Identification is one of the suites that adds to Multiomics Suite, affirming the tech giant means business in the generative AI arms race.

AI Tools For Drugs Generation

Target and Lead Identification Suite is an AI-powered tool that Google says will help researchers in the drug development business better understand the structure of proteins crucial to the development of drugs. On the other hand, Multiomics Suite is to help researchers store, analyze and share huge troves of genomic data.

The two suites are already available at a cost depending on the company using them. There is already an indication that big pharma led by Pfizer Cerevel Therapeutics and Colossal Biosciences have been using the two tools in their drug development processes.

The new AI tools, if effective in accelerating the development of medicines, should boost the drug development business, which costs companies millions and sometimes billions of dollars. According to Google’s Cloud globe director of life science strategy Shweta Maniar, the two new suites will save companies a lot of time and money in the drug development process.

However, much focus is on whether the tools will help enhance the development of drugs that achieve regulatory approval. Only 16% of drugs that reach clinical trials ever gain the much-coveted regulatory approval.

Tech Giants AI Rush

With the new AI-powered tools, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has answered critics who taunted the company for lagging behind in the AI race. Microsoft investing billions of dollars in OpenAI and gaining access to ChatGPT rattled the markets. Initially, there were fears that Microsoft integrating the AI-powered Chatbot in its search engine would be the much-needed trick to rattle Google’s dominance of the search business.

Fast forward, Google has already unveiled its own AI-powered tool Bard which has helped affirm it means business in the generative AI race.   Extending AI capabilities into the drug development business all but sets the tech giant on another level amid the stiff competition around revolutionary technology.

Nevertheless, Google and Microsoft are not the only ones at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence technology to enhance various operations. Amazon has also been busy on the AI front, signaling it plans to use the technology to speed up deliveries.

The e-commerce giant intends to use the technology to enhance the placement and storage of items in storage facilities. The company has been shipping items to customers from various countries for the longest time.

With AI technology which can sieve and analyze troves of data involving shopping patterns, Amazon should optimize product placement in facilities close to customers. By predicting which products will be in demand and where the company should be able to store them in facilities close to customers, therefore, enhancing same-day and next-day delivery.

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